De Kort´s paintings of pigs are not representational of these intelligent animals but an interpretation. We don't know what pigs respond to, how they think or experience things. Our knowledge about them is skin deep and most likely far from the truth. Although the paintings at times are somewhat abstract, there is always something dearly recognizable in them. The emotion that the paintings trigger wouldn't happen if the presence of these marginalized animals were not in someway felt.

The demise of these animals is closer than one thinks. Kees de Kort: “People take quite a lot for granted. The exploitation of these animals is overwhelming. Human beings are more pig-like than pigs themselves”. His fascination for pigs developed in the years after he illustrated the story ‘The Prodigal Son', in 1972 for the series ‘What the Bible tells us'.

Six paintings were shown at the exhibition 'We Are Food' - about the art of food in Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, 25 February to 16 September 2018.

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- Photo: diptych in a room on the ground floor